Sober living

Why You Got More Drunk than Usual

Contentsalcohol.orgFind an Epilepsy SpecialistAlcohol Intolerance as a Result of MedicationsCan I continue to drink alcohol if I have alcohol intolerance? So this is not a comprehensive list, but these are common ones I see in practice skin breakouts of all types. Liver is one piece of the puzzle because the skin is one of the safe...

Does Alcohol Make You Gain Weight? How Drinking Affects Weight Gain

ContentHow Alcohol Makes You Gain WeightHealthy Super Bowl Recipes Homefoods to skip if you want to slice your sugar intakeHow Your Body Handles AlcoholYou might be overdoing the 'alcohol carbs'Frozen Beach Drinks (280 Calories per 5 oz Serving)Rewarding yourself when trying to lose weight: 18 tips You don’t have to live with shame and guilt anymore,...

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